lunes, 31 de marzo de 2014

Want me to stay away.

I used to like gray days,but when you live in London you realize how necessary is the sun.
Trousers: Zara
Belt: Vintage Basement
Shoes: Linzi
Jacket: Bimba & Lola
 PICS BY : Giselle Palou photographies

sábado, 22 de marzo de 2014

Highs and lows

   Just arrive London after 3 intensive days in Málaga where I had enjoy the perfect weather with my bikini *.*and my lovely fathers that are the best gift God gave me.
Now coming back to reality working hard to learn more about me and the others, actually I had a lot of changes in my life and I expect the best of that, because with a positive mind and good people around you nothing can go wrong!! And I'm so lucky to have that!
Shoes: Linzi,Trousers: H&M , Jumper: River Island , Necklace: Zara , Bag: Moschino.
Especial thanks to Giselle Palou Giselle Palou photographies who always shoot the best pictures.
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jueves, 6 de marzo de 2014

Tesco saves my money.

After a week without any break, finally comes my day off
and my plan to get up early has remained just that, a plan. 
After a god's breakfast and a couple of cigars, the sun rose in London, and this is the result : * 
Top: Topshop, Jeans: My favorite store, Vintage Basement, Jacket: charity shop in Bromely, socks: Topshop, shoes: SOlo (Alicante) and my fabulous coin necklace that I love: Ancora (Alicante). 
And thanks a lot for these amazing pictures to Giselle Palou <3 a="" href="" nbsp="">


//Despues de una semana sin stop, por fin un dia de descanso,
y mi plan de levantarme pronto se ha quedado en eso,en un plan.
Pero despues de un desayuno de dioses y un par de cigarros ,salió el sol en Londres, y este es el resultado :*  
Top: Topshop ,vaqueros: de mi tienda favorita,Vintage Basement ,Chaqueta: charity shop en Bromely ,calcetines: Topshop ,zapatos: SOlo(Alicante) y mi fabuloso collar de monedas que tanto amo: Ancora (Alicante).
Gracias por estas fantásticas fotos a Giselle Palou <3 a="" href="" nbsp="">

Feliz FIN DE SEMANA !!//